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Suzu Yaki Japanese Woodfired Black Teapot SHINOHARA TAKASHI 珠洲篠原敬K

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Suzu Ware (Suzuyaki)by Shinohara Takashi. Shinohara Takashi's works has feeling of Zen. Fired in wood-fire kiln. The black body is natural and simple. The shape, color of the body, fly ash.. it is beautiful and touch to your heart. Suzu mountain Clay. Unglazed. He used to be a monk, he started make pottery to express his inner world on his pottery. His works are quiet and give you calmness. About SuzuYaki ware (Black Wood-fired Pottery in Japan) in our website https://shihateacomfort.com/oldsuzu About Shinohara Takashi & His works on our website Artist : SHINOHARA TAKASHI Capacity : Approx. 280ml Box: Wood box

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