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Antique Blue & White Porcelain Sencha Tea Cup Set 5 pcs 古董瓷杯

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Blue & White Porcelain Cup Set Approximately at least 80-100years ago. Must be used Sencha Tea ceremony (Senchado). Sencha Tea ceremony were very poplar in Meiji period, Taisho Period, Beginning of Showa period of Japan. Meiji(1868~1912)Taisho(1912~1926)Showa(1926~1989) Beautiful blue flowers and poem, enjoy delicate shade of blue. Porcelain, thin bodies. Q'ty: 5 pcs Diameter7.2cm Height 3.9~4.2cm Note: "Sencha" means; 1 Japanese Green Tea leaves, which was steamed, rolled, dried - thin shape. 2 Style of Tea time, in natural and beautiful environment, with beautiful and tasteful tea ware, to enjoy tea and spend intellectual & cultural time. Reference photo of the very beginning of Sencha Style (1700's) https://www.saga-s.co.jp/articles/gallery/615919 More links (our blog) https://shihateacomfort.com/baisaoh/ Sencha Style https://shihateacomfort.com/shointei Sencha Style (Our activity at Tea EXPO) https://shihateacomfort.com/xiamen-tea-expot-in-china