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BANKO Purple Clay RIGETSU Teapot 万古利月

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー For Quick PayPal Check Out, Please visit our new store. https://shihateapot.com/products/banko-rigetsu BANKO Purple Clay RIGETSU Teapot, Unglazed. BANKO Purple Clay make green tea taste round and rich. This Rigetsu Teapot is made approx. a decade ago or older. Unique, Simple and it has old good style. Clay and shape and style are harmonized. Artist:Rigetsu Capacity: 220ml Status: New (Not used) Box: Paper Box Available: 1 piece only