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[T03] 陶寿仿木质茶壺急須 TOJU Wood-like Round Rivet Pottery Teapot KYUSU

999,999 JPY

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Add cart or Send message to/from: 請使用購物車或下列方式聯絡我們(中文) * https://shihateacomfort.com/contactform * www.instagram.com/shiha_tea_comfort * info@shihateacomfort.com * http://m.me/shihateacomfort (messanger) +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Toju has been making teapot more than a half century. Texture of this teapot is like iron or like wood. It is actually clay-made. It is pottery. His clay and style are unique. His teapots are one of most unique and tasteful among ones in last a few decades in Japan, I think. Simple, Nature, Warm,Timeless, Wabisabi with certain elegance. 陶寿 1932年生 超半世纪制作茶壶,他的泥 他的造型 他的工艺 独自创造。质感又如木又如金属。陶寿说,人生中制壶陶艺生活自己很满足,但现在很少做。店主认为陶寿茶壶为昭和时代,平和时代 的常滑烧中 最创意,最有趣的茶壶之一。请感觉一下,简洁 自然 侘寂 的名品。容量 230-260毫升 有个体差异 请理解 This is handmade teapot, each piece is slightly different each other. We appreciate your understanding. 这是手工茶壶,每件有小差异。请理解。 Artist 作家: 陶寿 TOJU Born in 1932生 Capacity 容量: Approx. 200 ml Box 包装: Paper Box 紙盒 +++++++++++++++++++++++++ FOR PURCHASE 1 Please use the cart in this shop or 2 Please send us message 購物方式: 1 放入購物車 或 2 聯絡我們 +++++++++++++++++++++++++ About SHIHA TEA & COMFORT 关于我們 We are Japanese Teapot Shop in Tokyo, Japan, founded in 2012. Specialize in high-end Japanese teapots. 我們是一家于2012年在東京設立的日本茶壺店。 専門経営高端日本茶壺。 Website 网頁: https://shihateacomfort.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/shiha_tea_comfort Please feel free to contact us! 如有疑問,請聯絡我們!