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白山藻掛熏黑壺急須 Hakusan Seaweed Green Black Seaweed Teapot Kyusu

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Add cart or Send message to/from: 請使用購物車或下列方式聯絡我們(中文) * https://shihateacomfort.com/contactform * www.instagram.com/shiha_tea_acomfort (IG) * info@shihateacomfort.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 白山藻掛熏黑壺(壶单独) Hakusan Seaweed Green /Black Seaweed Teapot(not including saucer) Teapot is Mogake(seawead pattern) and smoked in black partly. Teapot Capacity: Approx. 145ml -180 ml (handmade,there is differences) Tokoname teapot aritst Hakusan’s work. Stylish shape and color. Brown seaweed lines with natural shine are beautiful on smoked black and soft green clay. It gives you impression of New & Traditional. (smoked means reduction firing in kiln- this teapot was fired in kiln twice) Lid is fully smoked and body is graduation color of green and black. The black is soft black, it is like charcoal black. Lid is darker, body is lighter, it is close to charcoal gray. Shape of lid – it has inner wall. It is wide opening, good for large leaves. Good water flow. Hakusan 3rd(白山) is a teapot artist in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan, born in 1949. Mogake (Seaweed) teapots are his representative works. He uses green clay and white clay often. Seaweed on green and white teapots are beautiful and bring you to nature in mind. For more details https://shihateacomfort.com/hakusan-backhandle/ Please see story of Hakusan's Mogake Seaweed. https://shihateacomfort.com/hakusanmogakestory/ +++++++++++++++++++++++++ FOR PURCHASE 1 Please use the cart in this shop or 2 Please send us message 購物方式: 1 放入購物車 或 2 聯絡我們 +++++++++++++++++++++++++ About SHIHA TEA & COMFORT 关于我們 We are Japanese Teapot Shop in Tokyo, Japan, founded in 2012. Specialize in high-end Japanese teapots. 我們是一家于2012年在東京設立的日本茶壺店。 専門経営高端日本茶壺。 Website 网頁: https://shihateacomfort.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/shiha_tea_comfort Please feel free to contact us! 如有疑問,請聯絡我們!