Midnight Blue shiny sky small tea cup, from Kyoto Japan
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Midnight Blue shiny sky small tea cup, from Kyoto Japan

17,820 JPY

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Please visit our new shop for more items https://shihateapot.com Know more about Japanese Teapots (website) https://shihateacomfort.com ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Artist: Takeshi Furukawa Size: Approx. hight 5.0 cm dia 8cm Box: Wooden box with a signature of the artist === About SHIHA TEA & COMFORT === We are Japanese Teapot Shop in Tokyo, Japan, founded in 2012. Specialize in high-end Japanese teapots. We are an official Senchado Instructor of National Japanese Senchado Association and Japanese Tea Instructor Association, versed in Japanese and Chinese tea culture. We selects teapots for good tea brewing for world tea lovers. Most of the teapots are artists' works (not volume products), so that you can enjoy ART in the teapots - fine quality in clay, detail works, uniqueness and beauty in function. Shiha Tea & Comfort was recognized as a “6-year-old Established Shop” with 4 diamonds credit in a major Chinese online shop’s credit evaluation. We won high score in each of the customer review categories, i.e. the consistency between the product description and the actual product, the staff’s business attitude. (As of June 2019)